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    Sheila and Michael, both feel very strongly, that the dancers in the school are taught Irish Dancing to the very highest standard, keeping the dance form true to it’s Irish roots. It is important that the link to Ireland is maintained in everything we do and that the dance continues to be placed in it’s cultural context.

    DMA offers Irish dance classes in every aspect of this ever evolving and beautiful dance form, from competitive solo, to Ceili, Figure Choreography, dance drama and performance. It is hoped that the combination and experience of both teachers leaves the dancers with a fundamental knowledge of Irish Dance and Culture, not only dancing but of Irish music, history, basic Irish language, mythology etc...

    We encourage all of our dancers to go on to take their Teachers and Adjudicators tests and have an active teacher training program in place. While we have an adult class which we both want to become an integral part of DMA, we do this purely for fun and our adults do not compete.

    We are both very passionate and proud of our dance tradition and look forward to continuing to share the joy of Irish dancing with generations to come.

    Sheila and Michael


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  • St. Ambrose Feis
    Burbank, CA
    Entries Due 9/14/12
    Late Entry Deadline 9/23/12
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  • East Bay Feis
    Oakland, CA
    10/20 - 10/21/12
    Entries Due 10/6/12
    Late Entry Deadline 10/12/12
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  • Southern California
    Halloween Feis

    Long Beach, CA
    10/27 - 10/28/12
    Entries Due 10/12/12
    Late Entry Deadline 10/22/12
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